STC - ADN Program

STC-ADN at a glance

Program Length


The ADN program at STC takes a total of 4 semesters to complete

Salary Info


The hourly wage for an ADN is about $34.48. The yearly wage for an ADN is $71,730.

Application Requirements


  • Complete the required prerequisite courses

  • Take the HESI A-2 exam and score a 75% and above in all subjects

  • Attend a mandatory orientation to attain all necessary information

  • Remember that this is a competitive entry program. You must have a good GPA, high grades in the prerequisites, and high scores in the HESI to be considered!

Unique Info


There are 3 track programs to get into the ADN program. There is LVN-ADN, EMT-ADN, and the traditional track.