Texas A&M - MSN Program

Texas A&M-MSN at a glance

Program Length

Salary Info


There are three MSN programs available at Texas A&M. The Nursing Education program is 7 semesters long. The Family Nurse Practitioner program takes about 2-3 years to complete. And the Forensic Nursing program that is a total of 34 credit hours to complete.

The hourly wage for an MSN is $54.78 per hour. The yearly wage is $113,930.

Application Requirements


There are 3 different track programs that have various requirements such as:

  • Specific GPA score

  • Prerequisite courses

  • Resume

  • References

Unique Info


There are three specialization tracks for MSN available at Texas A&M. They are Family Nurse Practitioner, Forensic Nursing and Nursing Education.