TSTC - Dental Hygiene Program

TSTC-Dental Hygiene at a glance

Program Description:

TSTC's Dental Hygiene program will teach students about the preventive aspects of dental disease. It’s an especially relevant career as people are living longer and keeping more of their own teeth. The student will also be educated in the basic sciences and development of the clinical skills needed to provide preventive dental care to the public.

Admission Requirements:

The student must provide a shot record to include the following:

  • Tetanus-Diphtheria or dTap within past 10 years

  • Measles, Mumps & Rubella —2 on or after the first birthday

  • TB test within past 3 months

  • HEP B injection 1st series

  • HEP B injection 2nd series

  • HEP B injection 3rd series

  • Meningitis

The student must provide Proof of Insurance (Invoice from TSTC Business Office) for:

  • Malpractice (only once a year)

  • Accident

  • Needlestick

Other things that the student must have are:

  • Books for DHYG courses

  • Valid Texas driver’s license or Texas identification

You can go site to site trying to find more information about dental hygiene or TSTC, or you can visit our website and find everything at the click of your mouse. To find all the information we have gathered for the Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene at TSTC, click the PDF icon above!