June Virtual Student Conference 

On June 25th 2020, the PATHS Project hosted our first ever Virtual Student Conference! Couldn't make it? Don't worry! You can watch the entire conference below or view segments separately. Want to know who is speaking or what each segment is about?

A quick summary is provided below each video. Enjoy!



June 2020: Pathways Aligned to Health Science Virtual Student Conference


Ms. Frances Kirkconell, Ultrasound Faculty for Health Sciences Institute at Renaissance. 

Click to learn more about sonography!


Ms. Monica Rios, Licensed Master Social Worker

Click here to learn more about social workers and their profession.


Dr. Michael Auer, Director of Rehab Therapy for DHR

Click here to learn more about Physical Therapy.


Dr. Rebecca Lynch, Vice President of Curriculum, Program Planning & Faculty Affairs for Health Sciences Institute at Renaissance

Click here to learn about Leadership and how it is essential to a healthcare team.


Raquel Sanchez, PATHS Intern from Region One

Get some advice about College!


Clarissa Aguirre, a RN and Nurse Educator for DHR

Learn about how Conflict Resolution can be used in healthcare and in real life!


Diana Castillo-Gauna, a BLS Instructor from AHA

Learn the fundamentals of Basic Life Support!


Carlos Lopez, a Medical Assistant from DHR

Learn about what a Medical Assistant does.


Iliana Elizondo, Director of Interpreter Services at DHR

Learn some American Sign Language with Iliana Elizondo!

Interview with Dr. James Malcolm Barney

Dr. Eliza Alvarado interviews Dr. James Barney about his journey to become a medical professional.

Occupational Therapy

Abraham Aguilar, an OT from DHR

Learn more about the profession of Occupational Therapy!

Surgical Technician

Gertrude Soto, a Certified Surgical Technician from DHR

Learn more about the profession Surgical Tech!

Intern's Corner

Robin Dominguez, PATHS Intern from Region One

Get some advice and tips about College! 

Ignacio Alanis

Ignacio Alanis, Director of Biomedical Engineering at DHR

Learn about the profession and the responsibilities it has!

Mental Health

Janelle Martinez, a Licensed Professional Counselor from DHR

Learn the importance of Mental Health and how to maintain it, especially now. 

Trauma Services

Jennifer Volcy, an RN from DHR

Learn about Trauma Services! 

Intern's Corner

Andrés Barrón, a Paths Intern from Region One

Get some advice and tips for College!

Lactation Consultant

Gaby Reyna, a Lactation Consultant from DHR

Gaby Reyna talks about the profession.

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