RGV College - LVN Program

RGV College - LVN at a glance

Program Description:

Students who wish to join the Licensed Vocational Nursing Program at RGV College will learn common drugs and diagnosis, administer medications and treatments, monitor and report patient's response and status, and provide care to mothers, newborns, elderly, and children.

Admission Requirements

The student must be licensed in at least one of the following: CNA, Medical Asst., Surgical Tech, EMT, PCT, or Paramedic. (All applicants MUST have a high school Diploma or GED). The student must take the Admission Entrance Exam (minimal total score of 60% must be achieved); $65 to be paid prior to the exam date and must present a valid ID. The entrance exam can be taken up to two times in a six-month period, and then can not be taken again until six months after the last failed date. The student should also have minimal work experience in your certified field of expertise. Students must complete a 250 word essay and participate in a panel interview on campus.

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