Texas A&M - MSN Program

Texas A&M-MSN at a glance

Program Descriptions:

Master of Science in Nursing Education prepares the graduate to apply principles of education in the role of educator in various patient care settings and in institutions of higher education.

Master of Science in Forensic Nursing prepares the graduate to care for victims and perpetrators of traumatic events or criminal acts. While caring for their patients, the forensic nurse is also responsible for observing, recognizing, collecting and documenting forensic evidence related to the traumatic event or criminal act for subsequent use in civil or criminal legal proceedings.

Master of Science in Nurse Practitioner are the providers of choice for millions of Americans due to their track record of providing quality care to persons of all ages and walks of life. They diagnose and manage acute, episodic, and chronic illness. Nurse Practitioners also focus on health promotion, disease prevention and health education and counseling, helping guide patients and their families to make smarter health and lifestyle choices.

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